Coat West Luxe

Luxe 1

1st scene- Sho and Hikaru

2nd scene- Nagi and Hikaru

3rd scene-Sho Nagi And Hikaru

I love the first scene. Especially the kissing part in the beginning. Also I love it when Sho says “Itai” (which means “ouch”) after he cums and Hikaru is about to cum too. But Sho is totally adorable and skinny in this Luxe. Enjoy it ^^

Luxe 2

Hikaru and Sho are showing us their flats. And thats not the only thing we get to see ;D

After this we can watch some nasty scene with Sho Nagi Hikaru and OIL :D

And Finally Sho and Hikaru. Sho seems to be enjoying to be the dominant one. I love the part where Sho spits into Hikarus mouth and then kisses him *____*

And at the end some action between the 3 boys.

At 1:38:50 is Sho and Hikaru alone. I love it how Sho stands up and holds Hikaru in his hands. He looks so handsome T__T

Enjoy ^^

Luxe 3

I love this one. Sho as a doctor *___*

Just watch it. And drool ^^

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  1. Willette
    Nov 23, 2012 @ 07:34:59

    Omg thank you do much for the links ive been looking for
    This for awhile
    And hope u put more links in
    Escpically of Sho ;)


      Nov 28, 2012 @ 13:41:52

      No problem ^^ I´ll be putting more links on this website, so don´t forget to check it out very soon.


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